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Thanks for visiting my site. Since we have been in business for well over 50 years, our stock and selection is huge. But, since I have no interest in selling via mail order and the additional hassle of shipping my product, and don't want to deal with credit cards I invite you to stop by and get to know us.

Not only do I maintain a large inventory, my long time connections in the industry allow me to locate many special items you may have been searching for so please come in, introduce yourself, and let's try to work together. I'm sure we will both enjoy the experience.

My hope is that by increasing my customer base I will be able to reduce the size of my inventory to make it more manageable.


Special Offer for New Customers!

As an incentive, any new customer who mentions that they visited this site will be automatically given a 1943 Steel Cent just for stopping in, so please mention this offer to receive your own steel cent..

The U.S. Mint only made steel cents for one year, 1943, in order to conserve copper for World War II military production needs. Hence this historic, one of a kind, cent was the result. It was plated with zinc to make it stand out from all other cents ever minted. Many people have never seen one of these.


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